Modern Luxury - September 2019 - Dolce Amore Heirlooms, LLC

Modern Luxury - September 2019


Paola Incisa di Camerana

modern-day family heirloom is capturing the hearts of the stylishly understated, but one would expect nothing less considering the source. This fall, Paola Incisa di Camerana is unveiling her eponymous jewelry line with the Dolce Amore ring, embracing a less-is-more aesthetic.

Having grown up across continents, and fluent in five languages, Incisa di Camerana hails from a family of nobility: Her father was an Italian diplomat, while the South American matriarch personified a timeless international style imbued to her four daughters, all of whom pay it forward in the fashion industry. “At Christmastime, we were given one gift, and so we learned to pick a classic piece that would transcend through trends and time,” says Incisa di Camerana, whose personal style is an exacting mix of vintage and modern.

As such, the Incisa di Camerana line is a refreshing departure from the current bijoux landscape that encourages ring stacks, necklace layers and earring parades. Her vision was quite singular: to create a solid gold heart-shaped charm with room for personalization. The piece was inspired by a family gift given when her son Lucas was born and unearthed from her jewelry box last year. A steady stream of compliments spurred its creation, and a year of R&D later, she achieved the optimal craftsmanship, weight and quality. A heart charm boasts ample space for monogramming—initials, names, dates, Roman numerals—while diamonds and gemstones can be added to the band for sparkle.

14K gold Dolce Amore rings, from $1,200 each

Style clearly starts in the gene pool: Two of Incisa di Camerana’s sisters are the force behind the Ingrid Incisa di Camerana shoe company, for which the handcrafted footwear is made in the same Vigevano factory as Manolos. Her third sister, Cristina, is the partner behind the coveted CVC Stones jewelry line. Incisa di Camerana officially earned her own fashion stripes (and hearts) in the action sports industry, where she met her husband, Chad DiNenna, co-founder of watch and accessory brand Nixon. After expanding the women’s portfolio in the early days of Reef as international sales manager, and later at Salinas, she helped catapult the Brazilian swim craze onto U.S. sand, garnering skin in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issues once ruled by California brands. No surprise her greatest hit was adorned with hearts for Victoria’s Secret. “It was the million-dollar bikini,” recalls Incisa di Camerana. “From swimsuits to YSL, everyone is drawn to the simplicity and romance of hearts.” Sold exclusively at Tucci, 130 S. Cedros Ave., Ste. 140, Solana Beach; 12857 El Camino Real, Ste. N4, Del Mar

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